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According to the description, shrimp is suffering from the disease of curvature of the body. The main reason is that when the water temperature is high, the shrimp suffer from heat shock or the pH fluctuation during the day is greater than 0.5. Due to the lack of certain types of minerals and vitamins in food. On the other hand, when it’s hot if you turn on or off the air fan suddenly or check the shrimp too many times with light or lift net. Those are the causes of white meat diseases in shrimp. Selen K+ deserves a solution.


Mg……….. 800 mg/l

– Vitamin B3 ……. 1,000 mg/l

– Vitamin B5 ……… 600 mg/l

– Vitamin C …….39,000 mg/l

– Zn…………………….600 mg/l


1 litre bottle, 20 bottles/1 carton


– Concentrated minerals help shrimps harden their shells fast, moult quickly, and grow

– Effective prevention of body curvature disease, white meat disease for

– Improve mineral deficiency in low salinity shrimp farming areas.


– Daily mineral supplement to help prevent body curvature disease, white meat disease, rapid growth: Mix 10ml/kg of feed, feed 2 to 3 times/a day, continuously throughout the growing season.

– Combined treatment of body curvature, white meat disease: Mix 15ml/kg of feed, feed during the day, until the shrimp is cured.

proliv See details

Convert yellow liver into black liver

– Methionine, min. 4.000 mg/lít
– Vitamin C, min. 8.000 mg/lít
– Vitamin B3, min. 900 mg/lít
– Vitamin B5, min. 850 mg/lít
– Sorbitol, min. 4.500 mg/lít
– Distilled water (add to enough) 1 lít

– Liver tonic, liver detoxification.
– Convert yellow liver into black liver.
– Prevent and treat liver diseases: Swollen liver syndrome, atrophic liver syndrome.
– Improve well the water environment in the pond: Clean lift net, clean tarpaulin.

Packing: 5 l/can

6 can/carton

PROLIN See details

Treat for white feces disease, remove festered gut-end, and wisted gut

– Sorbitol, min 60.000 mg/L
– Acid butyric, min 47.000 mg/L
– Acid formic, min 30.000 mg/L
– Distilled water (add to enough). 1 L

– Remove parasites (Gregarine, Vermiform)
– Treat for white feces disease, remove festered gut-end, and wisted gut in shrimp
– Enlarge intestine and prevent effectively gastrointestinal diseases in shrimp
– Especially, treat effectively gas bubble disease in catfish, frog

Packing: 100 ml, 210 ml, 500 ml/botteli
40 bottel/carton, 20 bottel/carton