• Name in Vietnamese: Công ty TNHH Thương Mại Xuất Nhập Khẩu Mỹ Bình
  • Abbreviations: MBC
  • Date Established: April 21st, 2009


  • Nguyen Van Binh (Director of My Binh company)

Distribution channel

My Binh’s distribution channel is wide across the country, providing specialized aquatic medicine products for treatment and prevention of shrimp and fish diseases, ensuring the correct and sufficient policies before and after-sales.

My Binh agent system stretches from South to North. When you become an agent of My Binh company, you will reduce time and costs for activities of searching for successful business models, market research, brand identity design, product promotion,  gain  specialized  knowledge.  At  the same time, you will be got to My Binh’s successfully-tested business model, from which your agency’s reputation will be enhanced in brand value, but you will also receive more incentives, product information, operating procedures. In particular, you will be detailed  instructions for the effective  use and application of the business  model.  Accompanying My Binh company, only success!

Excellent Human resource

Our employees and experts are professionals who are passionate about their work, their motivation and devotion to the job are the vital conditions of My Binh’s success.

My Binh not only provides a safe and secure working environment for employees but also a place where they can develop, wherever they are global, that also allows My Binh employees to feel motivated at work – a necessary aspect of My Binh’s success.


My Binh factory was built and inaugurated in 2013, we are proud to be specializing factory in manufacturing aquatic drugs with advanced and modern technology, getting ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

The factory applies science and technology to production with a modern system of automatic and semi-automatic machinery and a team of highly qualified and skilled technicians and staff. The factory focuses on manufacturing and processing products with forms: Powder, granule, liquid … to respond to all customers’ needs.

The production process at the factory strictly complies with ISO 9001: 2015 standards, the production staff wear specialized production clothes, strictly follows the production process. The production process is strictly controlled by the quality control department at the following stages: input materials, weighing, dispensing and receiving materials, preparing and filling, packaging and finishing, and quality control. The Quality Control Department, in addition to supervising the entire production process, also checks the quality at all stages, ensuring the highest quality of manufactured products.

The experimental farming area of My Binh

The super-intensive shrimp farming area is designed and invested by My Binh Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd., applying high technology and advanced farming techniques to bring optimal economic efficiency. Farming area 1 has an area of more than 25 hectares, built and operated in Xeo La hamlet, Tan Thanh commune, An Minh district, Kien Giang province. Farming area 2 has a scale of more than 40 hectares, built and operated in Ta Sang hamlet, Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. Each year the two farming areas have more than 1000 tons of clean shrimp. Both farming areas are applied to a “clean shrimp farming process – low cost” by a team of experts.

In farming areas with specialized laboratories of experts who regularly research and experiment with new products of the company, at the same time monitor the status of shrimp ponds, in order to promptly handle, limit risks and epidemics disease in shrimp pond. A farming area is also a place for engineers to cultivate and apply practical techniques and transfer the process to each pond for farmers. Besides, the farming area is also a place for experts to study new solutions and new processes to meet the shrimp farming industry. It is also a place for customers to visit, learn and share in-depth shrimp farming techniques.